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Power One Hearing Aid Battery P13


  • Long lasting zinc-air batteries
  • Rust resistant stainless steel
  • Will not rust like all other hearing aid batteries made from Tin
  • All power-one batteries are subjected to strict safety and quality checks
  • Top of the line hearing aid batteries
  • Price per pack of 6 batteries

Enjoy long service life, sharp sound, and excellent performance with the guaranteed cell voltage of Power One ACCU Plus rechargeable hearing aid batteries in size 13. The reusability of just one battery that retains constant capacity with every recharge replaces as many as 57 conventional zinc air batteries. These batteries are charged with Power One Pocketcharger, also available on our website.

Power One promises the best sound quality with its patented cathode technology. Their batteries are tested for their electrical and mechanical characteristics in compliance with Power One hearing aid battery specifications and offer additional safety under extreme environmental conditions.

Power One batteries are a brand of VARTA Microbattery, which has over 100 years invested in the development of innovative battery technologies. Made in Germany and subject to its stringent safety guidelines and quality checks, Power One is ISO 50001-certified and is recognized for manufacturing quality and detailed precision.

Power One hearing aid batteries are environmentally safe. They contain no mercury, lead, or cadmium.

Voltage: 1.2 Volts

Capacity: 28 mAh

Chemistry: Nickel metal hydride (NiMH)

Compatibility: Hearing assisted devices that require a size 13 hearing aid battery and accept rechargeable NiMH batteries.


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