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PowerOne Hearing Aid Battery P312



Get the wireless-approved hearing air battery produced under clean room conditions. Power One batteries feature an enhanced safety and performance coating and a patented cathode technology that promises best sound quality. Power One hearing aid batteries are manufactured using only high-grade and refined raw materials and are tested for their electrical and mechanical characteristics. Power One batteries are user-friendly. Their convenient extra-long tabs allow for hassle-free removal and their patented seal ensures your battery will not prematurely drain or dry out.

Power One hearing aid batteries are manufactured in the world’s largest automated production site for hearing aid batteries in Germany and are well-recognized for their stringent manufacturing quality and detailed precision. Their energy management system is certified in accordance with ISO 50001.

Power One hearing aid batteries are mercury-free and environmentally friendly.

  • Voltage: 1.45
  • Capacity: 170 mAh
  • Chemistry: Zinc air 

Replaces: PR41, B312, B347PA, 312HP, DA312H, DA312N, AC312E, AC312EZ, AC312, EZ312, 312DS, ME7Z, PR312H, P312, 312AE, L312ZA, 312A, 312A, 312SA, 312, S312A, W312ZA, and A312.

Compatibility: Hearing aid devices that require a size 312 battery.

Usage tip: Removing the plastic tab activates your battery. Upon removal, zinc-air batteries begin to rapidly lose their charge whether you use them or not, so it is important not to remove a tab until you are prepared to use your battery.

Please note: Battery packaging may slightly vary—different look, same quality Power One hearing aid battery.


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