Himalaya OphthaCare Eye Drops 10 ml

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Himalaya Ophthacare Eye Drops cooling properties help in soothing eye strain, eye irritation and dry eyes. The regular usage of Himalaya ophthacare eye drop allows minor wounds to heal quickly. Provides excellent relief in case of dry eyes, eye strain, swelling, redness and inflammation.


Eyes are one of the most important and delicate organs of the body. They require proper care and attention to maintain good health and function. With increasing screen time, environmental pollution and stress, eye problems have become a common issue for many people. To address this, Himalaya OphthaCare offers a natural solution for eye care.

Himalaya OphthaCare is a herbal eye care product produced by the Himalaya Drug Company, a leading producer of Ayurvedic and herbal products. It is made from natural ingredients such as Shankhapushpi, Yashtimadhu, Amalaki, Haritaki and Guduchi, all of which have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to improve eye health.

The ingredients in Himalaya OphthaCare work together to soothe and lubricate the eyes, reduce eye strain and fatigue, and support eye health. Shankhapushpi helps to improve eyesight and reduce eye strain, while Yashtimadhu and Amalaki provide antioxidants to protect the eyes from oxidative damage. Haritaki and Guduchi support overall eye health by reducing inflammation and promoting proper circulation to the eyes.

In addition to its herbal ingredients, Himalaya OphthaCare also contains zinc and selenium, two important minerals that support eye health. Zinc helps to maintain proper vision and protects the eyes from oxidative damage, while selenium helps to reduce inflammation and support eye health.

Himalaya OphthaCare is suitable for people of all ages, and is recommended for individuals who spend a lot of time in front of screens, suffer from eye strain and fatigue, and those who want to maintain good eye health. It is available in the form of eye drops, making it easy to use and apply to the eyes.

In conclusion, Himalaya OphthaCare is a natural solution for eye care that provides a gentle and effective way to support eye health and function. With its blend of herbal ingredients and essential minerals, it offers a safe and effective alternative to traditional eye care products. Whether you are dealing with eye problems or just want to maintain good eye health, Himalaya OphthaCare is an excellent choice.




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