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The Best Ticket Apps For iOS and Android

The Best Ticket Apps For iOS and Android

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To figure out which app for tickets is the most suitable for you, you can read our reviews of some of the top ticket apps. We examined applications that are from Ticketmaster, StubHub, and NFL Ticket Exchange. We also looked into how they operated so that you can choose which one is most suitable for you. After that, you can compare the apps that have the below attributes. After that, you’ll be able to choose the one that best suits your requirements the best. Below are the best tickets apps for iOS and Android.


Although many have found cheap tickets on StubHub There are a few things that they should take into consideration when purchasing a ticket. The first is to not overpay for your tickets. It is best to purchase the tickets you wish to purchase in one transaction. This way, you won’t be charged extra per ticket. Make sure you check if any service charges are added during checkout.

The 360-degree seating map of StubHub is another characteristic that makes it stand against other ticketing apps. It makes it simple for users to choose the best seat, and also allows you to move seats in the event of need. The most appealing feature of StubHub is the possibility of paying with Apple Pay. However, there are some negatives. For example that the prices might not always reflect current price changes when you check them. StubHub often fails to provide buyers protection. It works with iOS 10.0 or later as well as Android 4.4 or greater.

The StubHub platform is a map of seats at large events. You can also choose between select and general admission. You can also add other details like seat location and other information. This app is great for those who want to attend an event in particular. Install the app to search for tickets and buy them. It’s worth the effort. What exactly is StubHub, you ask?


It’s easy to access the Ticketmaster application on your phone. It’s easy to purchase tickets for different performances and events, and you can also check the schedule. You should also consider where you are located and how fast your internet is. If your application is out of date there could be some problems. This article will provide you with some suggestions to get the most of your Ticketmaster app. While you’re there, you can check out the App Preview video below to get an idea of how the app works to benefit you.

When purchasing tickets using the Ticketmaster app, you have the option to choose to buy seats from a variety of choices. The app allows you to transfer tickets to your friends. It will also protect against buying counterfeit tickets and also comes with a money back assurance. You can also create an “favorites” list for performances, artists or venues. You’ll receive notifications whenever relevant events are added to your calendar.

Softjourn demonstrated to Ticketmaster that its Xamarin support would produce results. The Xamarin platform allows app developers to share code across multiple platforms. Softjourn made a mockup of the Ticketmaster application with this in mind. The version was just one month to finish, and it helped Ticketmaster decide whether or not to develop the complete app. The app lets users scan offline, making it simpler.


The best ticket apps don’t just facilitate the purchase of tickets. It makes the whole procedure more enjoyable. Ticketleap allows you to scan your ticket barcode and take credit cards in the gates. Its features such as selfie ticketing make checking in simple. If you’re planning to go to an event, for instance, you can use the app to snap self-portraits and show it as your ticket. So, you can get through the line at the gate.

Ticketleap is a great ticket app for both live and virtual events. It’s simple to set up and has great pricing. The popularity of Ticketleap can be monitored any time of the day. You can track how popular the app is according to country and categories. You can also view how popular the app has become and how many people have downloaded it at which time of the day.

Event planners can take advantage of Ticketleap’s events page feature. This lets you create an event webpage that mirrors the brand image of your business. The app lets you include guests and sell tickets. The app is responsive to smartphones and has social media feeds to help with promotion of your event. You can also build a website using Ticketleap. The application has a flat rate system, that can be beneficial to businesses that sell a huge amount of tickets.

Ticketmaster’s NFL Ticket Exchange

While the NFL’s brand new Ticket Exchange app might not be perfect, it’s an improvement over the existing system. The app provides NFL teams more information on tickets and also gives them users to access more online tools. Ticketmaster’s system has been installed in over 50 stadiums and venues across North America. Although it’s a new concept, it’s already showing its value to people who love to go to the stadium.

The Ticketmaster’s NFL is the only NFL-authorized reseller website. It has a warranty that the tickets are genuine. With this level of safety, it’s not surprise that more NFL fans have turned to the Ticketmaster app to purchase their tickets to games. There are numerous websites for resales that allow for quick transfers of tickets however the NFL Ticket Exchange app is distinct in that it is able to guarantee that the tickets are genuine and valid. Furthermore, the alliance between the NFL and Ticketmaster will strengthen the credibility of the NFL as well as provide more targeted audiences for their products.

The NFL offers multiple official resales sites. You can sell and buy tickets for games that are sold out. Additionally, you can receive them via text message or via email. You can also sell your tickets on the NFL’s website. However, you should not use other sites for resale. It could result in you being liable to a fine. The charges for Ticketmaster are 15% of the ticket’s face value. Using an alternative site could lead to the possibility of a fine.

Ticketmaster’s Eventbee

While Eventbee’s ticket app by Ticketmaster is a great option for ticket sellers it has its own flaws. Although the platform offers a variety of beneficial features, it’s not without cost. The free plan is good for small-scale events but the paid plans are best for larger scale events. It is also possible to try the service without cost before you buy. Eventbee has four plans that each has its own price limits and ticket types.

Pricing is reasonable, but Eventbee costs more as your business expands. You’ll pay 9.6 percent to 23 percent for tickets if you expect to sell many. If you’re looking for an easy ticketing system, Eventbee might be worth considering. Eventbee has a comprehensive event management system, with a responsive website app that allows event planners to organize their events on the go, and also provides helpful guides and resources.

Both charge a proportion of the cost of tickets. Eventbee is more user-friendly than Ticketmaster and offers calculators to calculate the price per ticket. While it’s not as robust as Ticketmaster’s, it is the most used and user-friendly ticketing software for small to mid-sized occasions. If you’re looking to purchase a paid app Eventbrite is an option.

Ticketmaster’s TicketIQ

TicketIQ offers an engaging rewards program based on user engagement. You can earn IQ points by making price alerts, using the app to share with your friends, and tracking events. After you have enough IQ points to accumulate, you can use them to redeem for discounts on IQ Certified tickets. You can enjoy up to 10 percent off the next purchase of tickets with the IQ Rewards. TicketIQ offers discounted tickets to top teams and artists.

TicketIQ provides access to the secondary markets. The app promises cheaper prices than its competitors and refunds of up to 200 percent. Fan-toFan Resale offers discounted tickets megaseats reddit. However, there are some limitations. While TicketIQ provides discounts on the first purchase, it sometimes is not available for example, like missing an event in sports.

TicketIQ was established in 2009 with the goal of bringing transparency to the marketplace that sells tickets. The app is currently used by over one million people every month and works with over 50 professional teams. Fans can use the app to purchase tickets directly from the teams while ensuring that the best deals are at their fingertips. MediaMath, one of the most well-known institutional investors, has invested in the app.


The rewards program as well as its resale market makes it the most popular ticketing app. You could LegitTicketSites save up to 10% by setting price alerts or posting events to social networks. TicketIQ makes all market data available to consumers so they can get the lowest prices and best seats. TicketIQ’s enterprise-grade analytics allows consumers to track the most recent deals in real time.

The TicketIQ app takes an approach similar to Tinder for ticketing. It displays a schedule with events that match the person’s preferences. The user can decide to skip certain events or keep track of the cost of events. TicketIQ additionally protects users from scammers, since it only permits users to sign up on social media. It allows users to purchase tickets for events they are interested in, and not from strangers.

TicketIQ provides real-time pricing data and lets users track events, and sets alerts for price drops. You can check your seats as well as earn IQ points that can be used to get discounts on tickets in the future. TicketIQ is the best app for fans of all kinds of tickets. It’s an excellent app for concert lovers who take their work seriously. With its patented “TickPick” algorithm, it’s impossible to go wrong with a purchase.

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